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Our formula welfare

Strasbourg, capital of Alsace and Europe, has a historical and architectural heritage that makes the richest city in Alsace.


Wellness treatment with our relaxologues……

ALSACE - 55€ (40 min)
Tonic and gentle care. The peculiarity of this treatment is the use of an essential oil of pine.

Zen - 55€ (40 min)
Relaxing, smoothing anti-stress treatment with essential oils, promoting a deep sense of well-being. the Zen treatment par excellence….

Californien - 55€ (40 min)
Gentle and harmonious treatment with an essential oil, to help you to relax and: to awaken the senses…..

Sports - 55€ (40 min)
A stimulating, muscle-relaxing treatment, helpful before or after sport, using an essential oil .

Every session may be extended by 20 min (at a cost of 20€)

Le Reiki - 55€ (40 min)
The aim of Reiki is to dynamism your vital energy by your chakras. he practitioner is just the driver of this energy, he transmits it according to a traditional practicel, also know as Kata, since many years ago by his founder, Maître Usui, In Japan.

Couple – Relaxing treatment with essential oils - 85€ (30 30 minutes per person,one after each other)

Treatments in your room, by appointment and availability.
The aim of our treatments is well-being and relaxation, not therapeutic.
These massages are not meant for pregnant women.
CANCELLATION: no fee if cancelled up to 24 Hours before the appointment. Any no-show, late cancellation will be fully charged.